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Larkmoor Teacher Saves Student

Larkmoor Teacher Saves Student
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Fourth-grade teacher Catherine Cassidy downplays her hero status as part of her job. Still, Principal Chantelle Lewis and the staff at Larkmoor Elementary School are celebrating Ms. Cassidy's recent actions to save a student from choking.

On Tuesday, Ms. Cassidy, who has been teaching for 15 years and is in her second year in Lorain City Schools, was administering the Ohio State test to her students when the unexpected happened. One of her students, Peyton, began choking on a peppermint, a common aid for concentration that teachers often provide during test-taking sessions.

Without hesitation, Ms. Cassidy rushed to Peyton's side. Drawing on her past experience as an X-ray technician and CPR certification, Ms. Cassidy knew just what to do. First, she attempted to dislodge the peppermint with two back blows.

When that didn't work, Ms. Cassidy performed the Heimlich maneuver, a technique she had never used on a student. After two thrusts, the peppermint was dislodged, and Peyton could breathe again.

Peyton not only recovered swiftly but also insisted on completing her test.

When asked about her heroic actions, Ms. Cassidy humbly brushed off any praise, stating, "I don't feel like a hero. I think anyone would do it if they saw a kid choking."

Nevertheless, her quick response undoubtedly saved the day and is a shining example of the dedication and care our teachers exhibit every day.

Way to be great, Ms. Cassidy!