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Treasurer & Finance

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the overall fiscal management of the Lorain City Schools. 
Our mission is to support Lorain City Schools through the strategic management and use of federal, state and local dollars. This responsibility requires the coordination of the District's $98.7 million budget
Our staff provides financial services needed by our schools, employees and vendors, to monitor and analyze budgetary activity, and provide financial leadership to the district according to state and federal legislation, governmental regulations, Board policies and sound financial practice.
The Treasurer's Office is committed to providing the highest level of fiscal integrity in management and reporting to our students, parents, partners and the community.


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Ohio’s schools and districts received Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid (DPIA) and Student Wellness and Success (SWSF) Funds to support wraparound services for Ohio’s students. Wraparound services are programs and supports meant to build skills and fulfill a student or familial need. 


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Tia Kearney
(440) 830-4026
Eden Patterson
Executive Assistant Secretary
(440) 830-4026
Julie West
Assistant Treasurer
(440) 830-4030
Jennifer Gasper
Director of Accounting
(440) 830-4029
Victoria Timko
Director of Federal Programs and Grants
(440) 830-4018
Casey Smith
Federal Programs and Grants Coordinator
(440) 830-4019
Celia Fuhrman
Accounts Payable Specialist
(440) 830-4027 
Stephanie Jacovetti
Accounts Payable Specialist  
(440) 830-4028
Sam Balzer
Payroll/Benefits Specialist
Patrice Riccardi
Payroll/Benefits Specialist
(440) 830-4031
Gladys Rivera
Payroll/Benefits Specialist
(440) 830-4051  
Sandy Harrell
Benefits Coordinator
(440) 830-4052