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Teaching & Learning

Students work with their teacher while dissecting owl pellets

We believe that what kids learn in school is more than just what's in their textbooks. It's a mix of how teachers teach, what they test, and the resources they use. And it's not just about facts and figures—it's about connecting what they learn to the world around them, both near and far.

Think of the curriculum as a roadmap for learning. It's designed to include everyone, using information about each student to ensure they get what they need. And it's constantly evolving, changing to meet the needs of every child.

Our mission is to ensure that every child, regardless of their background or abilities, has an equal opportunity to thrive. This is why we are dedicated to creating an educational environment that is not only fair but also flexible. Through the implementation of Universal Design for Learning, we are able to tailor the learning experience to the unique needs of each child, ensuring that they can learn in a way that is most effective for them.

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Michael Scott
Assistant Superintendent of School Improvement
Ross May, Assistant Superintendent,
Executive Director of Strategic Planning, Data, and Process 
Pat Coleman
Executive Director of Instructional Technology 
Bill Ohle
Executive Director of Elementary Curriculum & Instruction
Aretha Taylor-Paydock
Executive Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction
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District Test Coordinator
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Executive Secretary
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Executive Secretary
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