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Guarantee your child's seat in our FREE PRESCHOOL programs, which have earned the state's highest rating of "5 stars."

Our certified teachers have earned the "High Quality" designation from the Ohio Department of Education. They are ready to show your child where learning begins in Lorain City Schools!


The Lorain City Schools preschool program provides free, high-quality early childhood education to young children in the city of Lorain. With classrooms in each of our ten elementary schools, we aim to make preschool accessible to every family in Lorain, giving our preschool students an early start at their neighborhood school.

Our staff are experienced, highly qualified, and passionate about early childhood education, and they continue to hone their craft through regular professional learning experiences and ongoing coaching.

At our preschool, we understand that every child learns differently. That's why our program is designed to embrace and celebrate this diversity.

Our classrooms are inclusive spaces where students of different ages and developmental levels can interact and learn from each other. We also offer a range of classroom models to cater to the unique needs of each student.


Preschool Department
Alisha Pardon, Associate Director of Preschool
(440) 830-4040
Executive Secretary
Kristin Dimacchia

Rising Titans

The Rising Titans Collaborative provides programming and resources for ALL families in Lorain with children ages 0-5 through collaboration with Partners. Rising Titans also puts on various community-wide events that focus on community engagement.

The Rising Titans Collaborative and its partners have the overarching goal of creating community-wide kindergarten readiness throughout the city of Lorain. Our goal is to design a system that will help parents prepare their children for kindergarten from birth.

Our Preschool Approach