Marketing and Communications

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The Marketing and Communitcations (MAC) Team's mission is to create and maintain regular, clear, transparent and engaging communications both internally and externally and to inspire and promote positivity through compelling visuals and narratives that tell the story of the excellence that lives in all of our schools.   Here's how the MAC Team accomplishes its mission:

Website: The newly designed and updated website is the hub for all information in our school district. Be sure to register for e-alerts to receive customized notifications about the content you care for most straight to your e-mail.  Click here to register to recieve weekly emails and choose the schools and events you want to be updated on.

Mobile App: Download our Mobile App from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Search for "Lorain City Schools" and look for the Titan sword! The newsfeed will keep you updated with the latest news headlines, announcements, and upcoming events. In addition, benefit from quick links to resources you use most, including the online gradebook, lunch menus, athletic schedules, and more.

Social Media: Be a part of the conversation by connecting to your schools through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Click here to see a list of all of our district and school accounts.

Instant Notifications: Messages are delivered to multiple phone lines for emergency, weather related information and high priority messages. This system is used to notify parents immediately.  If you are not recieving robo-messages or if you are recieving robo-messages in error please call 440-233-2271 to speak with the adminstration center.  
Publications: The MAC Team works with the CEO, district leaders and school staff to gather information and stories that demonstrate the amazing  and challenging work being done by our scholars, teachers, adminstrators, staff members, community partners every day in Lorain.  We present that information and present those stories in regular publications such as the CEO's monthly newsletter, Titan Touchpoints and our quarterly magazine Promises Kept Quartlerly (PKQ).  
Media Relations: The Marketing and Communications Team works daily with local media to ensure our community and region is informed about the great people, programs, successes and challenges in the Lorain City Schools.  If you need to contact someone on the Marketing and Communciations Team please call 440-233-2271 or email [email protected].  

Crisis Communications: The Lorain City School District works with multiple departments to respond quickly and effectively in times of crisis. Areas include school safety, weather related events, illness, and other issues in our schools. 

Community Engagement: The Lorain City Schools believe in 2-way communication, and works throughout the year to gather input on decisions that guide our work. Surveys, focus groups, and advisory committees play an important role in our planning process.

Special Events: Celebrating student success is vital to building pride and unity in our district. Band performances, concerts, plays, athletics, literacy nights, open dialogue sessions with the district leaders and many additional opportunities exist throughout the year to welcome our community in to our schools.

Community-Business-Schools Partnership: This organization links the resources within our community to the needs within our schools to bring great opportunities to our students. Click here to learn more about C-B-S.

TV20: Joe Bock leads the Lorain City Schools TV station. Covering athletic events, concerts, board meetings, special events, and more, TV20 brings our schools right to your living room. Click here to learn more about TV20.  
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