Titan College

Titan College

Titan College is a College Credit Plus partnership between Lorain City Schools and Lorain County Community College where high school students as early as seventh grade participate in a combined high school and college experience with the goal of earning a high school and a college associate degree at the same time. All college and high school courses are taught on the Lorain High School campus tuition free. Some of the courses taught at the high school are currently taught via web, using LCCC’s Canvas system.

Students have two ways to participate through College Credit Plus (CCP) and Post- Secondary Enrollment Options. Students eligible for Titan College will be considered on school attendance, school discipline history, grades and motivation. Students can enter the program as early as seventh grade and at any time throughout their high school experience.

Students may participate in Titan College/College Credit Plus in addition to any of the Career and Technical Programs offered at the high school.

College Credit Plus (CCP)
  • LCCC courses are available at Lorain High School
  • Student remains in high school environment.
  • Student still earns college credit.
  • Student may access all services LCCC provides for on campus students.
  • Opportunity to take additional LCCC courses not offered at Lorain HS
  • On-line classes
  • Classes at any of LCCC’s Learning Centers
  • Student still earns college and high school credit.

Criteria for Participation
Students must meet pre-requisites for any course and complete COMPASS assessment or submit ACT or SAT scores placing students into course. Grades in previous courses of similar content are reviewed to make sure CCP courses are a good fit for student.

What To Do and When
  • All Students: Notify your middle/high school of intent to participate (get intent form from school) by March 30.
  • Complete application AS SOON AS YOU DECIDE to PARTICIPATE.
  • Discuss college course selections with your high school counselor. Application must be sent to LCCC along with a school transcript.
  • Applications for CCP must be submitted by the deadline
Mandatory LCCC Orientation
  • High schools with classes on their site will hold one session at each high school site in May.
  • If you miss the May date at your high school, or your high school doesn’t offer a session, you must attend an orientation at LCCC or complete one online.
  • Sign up at www.lorainccc.edu/orientation
College Credit Plus Benefits
  • Attend college while still in high school
  • Count credits for both high school and college
  • Use credits at LCCC or transfer credits
  • Complete college degree in fewer terms and with greater flexibility
  • Reduce overall costs of college education
You Should Know
  • Grades earned in college coursework may affect high school class rank
  • College grades are computed into GPA
  • All schools add quality points for LCCC courses like they would for honors/AP courses
    Students will be exposed to coursework geared toward adult learners
  • Students may not have the maturity for the college atmosphere
  • College transcripts are permanent records
  • Students retain entering freshman status toward federal and state financial aid-- check with receiving institution about their scholarships
  • School districts may seek financial restitution if student fails or withdraws from a course
High school graduation may be jeopardized if a student fails or drops a college course that is also being used for high school credit.
  • Work closely with high school counselor
  • Communicate with your instructors
  • Seek tutoring if necessary
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