Student Support Services Survey 2023

In Lorain City Schools, we believe that in order to serve our students best, we must know their needs and meet them where they are. That's why a key component in developing any student support program is to learn about our students' struggles and how we can support them in a way that makes them feel seen, valued, and included in the process.

We are implementing the 2023 Student Support Services Survey to do just that! 

We work hard to provide the scope and depth of resources our students need not just to remove barriers to education but so they can emerge as stronger, more intact, and successful Titans. That is why we have developed a survey for our middle and high school students designed to collect the necessary data that we can use to increase student access to resources that help reduce high-risk behaviors. This will lead to healthier and safer school, community, and family environments.

The survey includes 120 questions about health, safety, and behavioral health factors, including 10 sex-related questions that students in grades 7-12 will complete in January 2023.
  • Survey categories include:
  • Attendance
  • Alcohol & Tobacco/Vapor product use
  • Marijuana use
  • Prescription Misuse and Illicit Drugs
  • Bullying, Safety & School Climate
  • Physical Health & Well-being
  • Mental Health and Suicide
  • Gambling
  • Parental Attitudes about Substance Use
  • Community, Family & Peer Factors
  • School Success
  • Sexual Victimization and Sexual Health
We know the survey delves into many sensitive areas, and we respect the choice of our students and families to opt out of participating, but we hope that will not be the case. Because frankly speaking, to really meet our students' needs, whether it's with bullying, anxiety, depression, or any form of violence, we must first understand what challenges they face.

You can view a copy of the survey questions at the link below.


The LCS Student Support Services Survey is completely voluntary. Participation is a choice for you and your child. But we value your child's participation and hope they will help us make sure all students' needs are met.

We will conduct the survey the week of January 23-27, 2023. Families who do not want to participate should call or email the designated contact for their child’s schools. Students can opt out up to and including on the day the survey is administered in their school.

Gen. Johnnie Wilson Lydia Wanek 
lwan[email protected] 
(440) 830-4240 

Gen. Johnnie Wilson Candy Kelley 
[email protected] 
(440) 830-4240 

Longfellow Angie Scott 
[email protected] 
(440) 830-4220 

LongfellowCelia Blair 
[email protected] 
(440) 830-4220 

Longfellow Andy Hoffman 
[email protected] 
(440) 830-4220 

Southview Kim Roush 
[email protected] 
(440) 830-4280 

Lorain High  April Asbury 
[email protected] 

Success Academy Nancy Skaggs 
[email protected] 
(440) 830-4295
Frequently asked questions icon

Q. When will students take the district's Student Support Services Survey?
A. Our target window to administer the survey is January 23-January 27, 2023

Q. Will all LCS students take the Student Support Services Survey?
A. No. This survey is for our 7-12th grade students. Our school counselors and social workers engage our elementary students with an age-appropriate curriculum that addresses student supports and making good choices.

Q. How long is the survey?
A. The survey typically takes about 30 minutes to complete. The survey includes 120 questions about health, safety, and behavioral health factors, including 10 sex-related questions.  

Q. Why is Lorain City Schools asking my child about such sensitive topics?
A. We are implementing this survey to ensure our students can access resources to reduce risk behaviors. We want to create a healthy and safe school environment because we believe it will lead to a sense of belonging, increased school attendance, and improved academics for all students.

Q. Does my student have to take this survey?
A. No. Completing the survey is completely voluntary, anonymous, and confidential. Therefore, students will not be incentivized or penalized for taking or not taking the survey. However, we hope our students will want to take this survey because this is their opportunity to tell us about their life.

Q. Can I opt my student out of this survey?
A. Yes. Families who want to opt their students out of the survey can contact their building directly. Teachers will have access to an opt-out list on the day the survey is administered. In addition, students can opt out entirely or skip any questions in the survey.

Q. If my student does take this survey, will you be able to identify them?
A. No. The survey collects basic non-identifying demographic information. We have included a question that allows students to self-identify if they feel they are in crisis and need immediate support. Our support team of school counselors, social workers, wellness coaches, and administrators want our students to know they are never alone in our buildings, and if they reach out for help, we will support them. 

Q. Who will administer this survey?
A. Our LCS building staff will administer the Student Support Services Survey during the school day in January 2023. The survey typically takes about 30 minutes to complete, and each building will administer the survey in the best way possible to minimize disruptions to instructional time. A link to the survey, which utilizes the Google survey platform, will be uploaded to each student's district-issued Chromebook.

Q. Will student accommodations be made available for this survey?
A. Yes. Any accommodation a student may need to take the survey is permitted. The survey is provided in English and Spanish.

Q. Who will see the result of this survey?
A. The Lorain City Schools administration staff will collect and analyze the survey responses and use the collected data to develop new student support services or enhance existing programming. In addition, a summary report may be provided to our designated community partners to help better facilitate programming in our buildings.
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