Strategies for Teaching English Learners

Strategies for Teaching English Learners

Four Principles of Instruction:
  • Increase comprehension: Make meaning clear through visuals, demonstrations, and other means.  
  • Increase student-to-student interaction: Engage students using English to accomplish academic tasks.  
  • Increase higher order thinking and the use of learning strategies: Explicitly teach thinking skills and learning strategies to develop English learners as effective, independent learners.  
  • Make connections to students' background knowledge: Explicitly plan and incorporate ways to engage students in thinking about and drawing fro their life experiences and prior knowledge.
What's Different About Teaching Reading to Students Learning English? (2007). Washington, DC: Center for Applied Linguistics.

SIOP Model for Teaching English Learners - Lesson Delivery

EL Related Research Articles and Books

Issues in Language Learning Strategy Research and Teaching
This article explores issues with identification procedures of learning strategies, terminology and classification of strategies, the effects of learner characteristics on strategy use, the effects of culture and context on strategy use, explicit and integrated strategy instruction, language of instruction, transfer of strategies to new tasks, and models for language learning strategy instruction.

On Teaching Strategies in Second Language Acquisition
This article focuses on teaching strategies: analyzing learner characteristics, signing classroom contracts, creating learner-centered classroom, setting language goals, integrating theory with practice and building learner motivation.

Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition
This online book is a republishing of Stephen D Krashen's 1982 book, Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition, including edits that reflect subsequent research in second language acquisition.

Educating Hispanic Students: Obstacles and Avenues to Improved Academic Achievement
This report examines factors that must be considered in the development of effective educational programs that serve Hispanic students.
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