Request Transportation

Request Transportation

Lorain City Schools is committed to providing school transportation to as many students as possible.

Here you will find three forms to request transportation, and you are probably wondering which one to complete to ensure your child is considered for busing.

  • EMAIL | [email protected] 
  • FAX | (440) 233-2235
  • HARD COPY | Mail or drop off in person to:
Lorain City School District
1800 Colorado Ave, Lorain, Ohio 44052
Let’s discuss each form to understand which one is right for your family.
1. HIGH SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION REQUEST FORM: This form is ONLY for high school (Grade 9-12) students who live 2.0 miles or more from Lorain High School and would like busing transportation to and from a designated bus stop.

Bus stops will be at several designated locations throughout the city for our high school students. To see the stops and request transportation, please fill out the HIGH SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION REQUEST FORM and email it to [email protected] or [email protected] | Spanish/Español SOLICITUD DE TRANSPORTE PARA LA ESCUELA SUPERIOR

All forms MUST be submitted to the Transportation Department for review. Reviewing and establishing a student route takes about four(4) days.

2. K-8 TRANSPORTATION REQUEST FORM: This form is ONLY for students in Grades K-8 who live 2.0 miles or more from their home school and would like to receive bus transportation. 

Families MUST submit a Transportation Request Form to qualify for transportation (Revised code 3327.01. To do so, please submit the K-8 TRANSPORTATION REQUEST FORM | Spanish/Español SOLICITUD DE TRANSPORTE GRADOS K-8

3. SPACE AVAILABLE REQUEST FORMThis form is for all students in Grades K-12 who live less than 2.0 miles from their home school in areas that are designated as walking areas but would like to request busing if space is available along designated routes.

  • Requests will be considered when there is space available on buses along their designated routes 
  • Priority will be given to the youngest students who live the greatest distance from their school
  • Students accepted under these provisions may be bumped by an eligible rider at any time
  • Students will be required to walk to an existing stop in a transportation-eligible zone within 1/2 mile of their residence
  • The bus stop must be in the same location for both AM and PM
  • Existing bus routes will not be modified to accommodate these requests
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