Preschool | Program Vision

Program Vision

The vision of the Lorain City Schools preschool program is to support each individual child to develop the skills necessary to have a successful and fulfilling learning experience in the years to come.

To reach that vision, we place student wellbeing at the center of everything we do, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Students engage in meaningful, developmentally appropriate work that provides opportunities for whole-child growth across domains.
  • Students have regular opportunities to practice and develop their social-emotional and problem-solving skills.
  • Each child is unique and special, which is instrumental for shaping and maintaining an environment for children to develop, grow, and reach their full potential.
  • Students are provided with an inclusive, cohesive, and joyful classroom experience.
  • Students benefit from active collaboration between teachers, community partners, families, and other stakeholders.
  • Students’ strengths, skills, interests, and capabilities will drive the design and implementation of instruction and shape their learning environment.
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