Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

For Students:  During remote learning, we want students to be Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. Please use the matrix below for guidance and support during the various types of instructional groups.

Remote Learning Matrix-Elementary
We Are...
Entering Class
Teacher-led Whole Group Instruction
One-On-One Instruction
Small Group Activities
(Breakout Rooms)
  • Choose a distraction-free space
  • Use equipment as intended
  • Use kind words and faces
  • Ask in chat if you need help OR use reaction to raise hand
  • Use kind words and faces
  • Use kind words and faces
  • Encourage others to participate
  • Use kind words and faces
  • Video is prefered on
  • Audio off
  • Use appropriate and respectful language when speaking and/or using chat
  • Video is prefered on
  • Audio off
  • Answer polls promptly, if used
  • Video is prefered on
  • Audio off
  • Listen attentively 
  • Answer questions out loud on cue
  • Video is prefered on
  • Audio off
  • One speaker at a time: wait or use chat to respond when others are talking
  • Respect others' cultures, opinions and viewpoints
  • Be on time and ready to learn
  • Start class charged or plugged in
  • Have materials ready
  • Ask questions (voice or chat) when you have them
  • Be present-avoid multitasking
  • Ask questions out loud when you have them
  • Try your best
  • Be present-avoid multitasking
  • Encourage each other to stay on topic
  • Complete the work together
  • Be present-avoid multitasking

For Parents:  At home during remote learning, we want students to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.  Please use the matrix below for support.

PBIS Matrix For Parents At Home

Be Respectful
Example: Kind Language
Be Responsible
Example: Do Your Best Work
Be Safe
Example: Wash Hands
Describe what kind language does (and does not) sound like in your home. Demonstrate kind language and ask children to practice kind language with youDescribe what "doing your best" means in your home. Examples might include focusing on your work, reading/listening to all instructions before beginning, asking for help when needed, and sticking with it until done. Discuss what this looks like (and does not look like) across the types of learning activities. Describe and demonstrate how to wash hands. To ensure your children wash their hands for 20-30 seconds, have them pick a portion of a favorite song to sing. 
At the start of the day and each new activity where kind language is expected, remind children to be kind. For example, "Playing games together is fun, and let's remember to be kind with our words."At the start of the day and at the beginning of new or difficult activities, remind children to "do their best work."Before meal preparation, before eating, after using the bathroom, or after touching their face, remind children to wash their hands. 
Reward With Positive Feedback
When your child is kind, provide specific praise. For example, "Thank you for being kind when your sibling was having a hard time."When you see your child doing their best, provide specific praise. "It's great to see you doing your best! I think you'll be proud of your work!"When you see your child washing their hands, provide specific praise. For example, "Awesome handwashing! Thanks for keeping our family safe."

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