Grief Resources for LCS Staff Members

  • As the Lorain Schools family continues to grieve the sudden loss of Sherri Hutlock, many of us are experiencing heightened shock, disbelief, confusion and deep sadness. And as educators, we often spend so much time taking care of others, we can sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. That’s why we have reached out to our friends in local mental health agencies to provide additional support during our time of mourning.

    While an immediate plan was put into place this week by the Lorain County School Crisis Team, we are taking additional steps to provide those most affected by this loss with the opportunity to process the many emotions and difficulties of this time.

    PHASE I - Beginning tomorrow, there will be Grief Support Groups to provide those most affected by this loss with intensive supports to process the many emotions and difficulties of this time. We are doing our best to identify and reach out to those we believe to be in the most need. If you are asked to participate, please do so. Your colleagues care about you. You can also request to participate. Please respond to this email and we will get you connected. Subs will be provided for these 2-hour sessions. 

    PHASE II - The Lorain County Board of Health wants to make sure that you are aware of the broad range of mental health support that is available to you.  Every school in the our district has community mental health clinicians who are prepared to speak with you and to provide general support.  Additionally, these clinicians can help to get your connected to other resources if these are needed.  If you do not know the name of the community based mental health clinician in your school, please contact your principal Additionally, Robin Hale is the Loss Team Coordinator for the Nord Center.  If you or a colleague need support in struggling with this loss, you can call Robin directly at 440-204-4268

    In addition, a resource page has been created on the district website at to provide you with access to resources around the clock. In particular, please review this page to become familiar with symptoms and general signs of concern in yourself or someone close to you.

    PHASE III - The Nord Center offers Support Groups for those who have a loved one who died of suicide. Grief relating to suicide can be particularly complex. It is experienced in different ways by different people and can last for months, if not years. This is a wonderful resource if you find you need sustained support in the days to come.


    Lorain High School staff are currently planning ways to memorialize Sherri Hutlock’s life. We will share those details as they become available. Online condolences can be made at

    In the meantime, please remember to take care of yourself as well as each other. Exposure to suicide can be a traumatic experience. We need one another now, more than ever. Take care.



    If you are thinking of suicide, call the Nord Center’s 24/7 Hotline at 1-800-888-6161

    If you want non-emergency mental healthcare but don’t know how to get connected, call the Lorain County Navigator 440-244-7025 weekdays.  A bilingual social worker will help you get connected.

    If you simply want someone to talk to about a loss by suicide, call Robin Hale, coordinator of the Nord’s Loss Team 440-204-4268

    There are also Mental Health Board-funded clinicians in your schools who are waiting to provide support.  Ask your principal, school counselor or Kathleen Kern at Lorain County Board of Mental Health for contact information 440-787-2078

    When in doubt, please utilize the Mercy School Based Health Clinic professionals located within our schools. Please call 440-370-5446 during school hours.