PEOPLE | Strategic Plan Leadership

PEOPLE | Strategic Plan Leadership Team

  • Jeff Graham, Superintendent/CEO
  • Tia Kearny, Treasurer
  • Michael Scott, Assistant Superintendent
  • Ross May, Assistant Superintendent
  • Julie Garcia, President, Lorain Education Association
  • Tim Jama, President, Lorain Administrators Association
  • Linda Coad, Executive Director of Student Services
  • Carol Gottschling, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Mary Mayse, Executive Director of Operations
  • Rachel Tansey, Executive Director of Federal Programs
  • Barb Bowen, Director of Student Information Systems
  • Beth Diedrick, Director of Preschool
  • Erin Graham, Director of Communications
  • Bill Ohle, Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
  • Aretha Taylor, Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction
  • Faith Palmucci, Associate Director of Human Resources
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