PBIS Lesson Plan Template

PBIS Lesson Plan Templates

Behavior needs to be explicitly taught as a skill, just as any other skill needs to be taught. 

Students and staff need to be taught the expectations in our matrix in each area of the school. Instruction should follow the “I do, We do, You do” model where we model for students, provide guided practice, and then independent practice.

Lesson plans need to be:

  • Directly aligned to the District PBIS Matrix

  • Developed and/or revised in the spring each year for the following school year

  • Taught by members of the school PBIS Team to all new staff members before the start of school each year

  • Taught to students over the first week of school AND reviewed at a minimum after winter break

Here are the lesson plan templates for school PBIS teams to use. 

The classroom template is an example only to serve as a model for school PBIS teams who would like to see an example.

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