Logging In Each Day-What To Do

Logging In Each Day-What To Do

 1. Log into computer using the login sticker on inside of laptop. If using an iPad, turn it on.  (Click on home button if the screen doesn't appear.)

2. For attendance, (LAPTOP) open Chrome and look for the blue C in the top right corner (see image below). Click on it, and it will take you to Clever.  (iPAD) Find the Clever app (see image below). If it is not on the first screen, scroll to the next screen to find it. 

Clever App
QR Code

3. Use the QR code by showing it to the camera on your device to log into Clever (see image above). 
4.  Once in Clever, grades 3 -5 students will choose the Google Classroom app. Please refer to the TEACHERS page of this website to access the Classroom Codes to join your teacher's classroom.  There is also a ZOOM link to meet with your teacher.  

5.  For preschool to grade 1 students, the teachers have a ZOOM link for their morning meeting.  Some teachers might have a classroom website link that will share a ZOOM link there.

6.  If your teacher does not have a website link, Zoom link, or Google Classroom code provided, then that teacher may have already reached out to the parents through Class DoJo.

If you need additional technology support, please use this link to access more information. You may also contact Hawthorne at 440-830-4150.
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