Issue 37


  • Residents in the Lorain City School District will vote on ISSUE 37 on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

  • ISSUE 37 is a 6.8 operating levy which would generate $4.1 million annually for operating expenses, beginning January 1, 2022. 

  • Our school district is projecting a $13 million budget deficit for fiscal year 2023, making this levy critical to the educational program in Lorain.

  • ISSUE 37 will cost the average homeowner less than $10 a month.

  • ISSUE 37 will ensure our schools can continue its current trajectory of educational supports for our children.

  • FAILURE of this levy would require:

Drastic cuts to teachers, instructional aides and instructional materials — all of which are critically needed by our students to succeed in school. 

  • Residents of Lorain are stepping up to continue their support of our students and families right when it is needed most:

    • as our school district moves beyond Academic Distress, finally returning local control to our school board where it belongs;

    • as our community recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic; and

    • as our district continues to be respectful of taxpayer dollars through best practices backed by research and checks and balances that ensure a high quality education through transparent, cost effective means.

The City of Lorain is known for its long-standing support of the children and families of Lorain. Thank you for continuing to demonstrate that OUR KIDS MATTER.

Additional information about ISSUE 37 can be found on the Citizens for Lorain Schools Levy advocacy website and Facebook page.

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