History of the CEO

History of CEO

The Lorain City Schools has had an Academic Distress Commission (ADC) since April 2013. The ADC is a joint panel of local and state appointees created as a result of Ohio Revised Code 3302.10, applying to districts which received an overall grade of F on the Ohio School Report Cards for three consecutive years. In 2015, a new state takeover law was enacted, known as House Bill 70.


  • Appointments are made within 30 days after the district is notified of the creation of the Academic Distress Commission.
  • Members of the commission serve at the pleasure of their appointing authority   
  • A total of Five members are appointed:
    - Three members are appointed by the State Superintendent; one of these appointee must be a county resident.
    - The State Superintendent also designates the Chairperson from one of the three members he/she has appointed.
    - One member is appointed by the president of the local school board, and must be a teacher employed by the district.
    - One member is appointed by the City's mayor.

Under House Bill 70 ADC’s are required to appoint a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO is granted operational, managerial and instructional control of the district.

There have been three CEO's since House Bill 70 was enacted:

  • David Hardy Jr. [2017 - 2019]
  • Greg Ring, Interim [2019 - 2020]
  • Dr. Jeff Graham [2020 - present]
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