Helpful Websites

Helpful Websites

This is a short 5-page brief about ELL statistics in the United States, definitions, policy, myths about ELLs, and Research-Based Recommendations for Effective ELL Instruction.

Google translate is a wonderful resource if you need a document, worksheet, or letter home translated on a fly.  Simply copy and paste text, or a website URL and select your target languageIt isn't perfect, but it gets the message across if you 

Need translation resources? Available in the Apple App Store and Google play, this resource allows you to type or speak works, phrases, and sentences and immediately have them translated.  It's pretty helpful if you are in a jam and need a quick translation.

Do you want to learn Spanish?
Do your your students need more remedial English language instruction?

Users can sign up for free and teachers can create classrooms to monitor progress/assign lessons. Users can sign up for free and teachers can create classrooms to monitor progress/assign lessons.  

This website contains ESL lesson plans, teaching tips, and resources.  

Sheltered Model Vocabulary Instruction
This presentation by Lorraine Smith describes the rationale for explicit teaching vocabulary and provides strategies to implement vocabulary into the classroom.

Colorín Colorado is a website serving educators and families of English language learners (ELLs) in Grades PreK-12. Colorín Colorado provides free research-based information, activities, and advice to parents, schools, and communities.

The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model is a research-based and validated instructional model that has proven effective in addressing the academic needs of English learners throughout the United States.  

The Center for Applied Linguistics is a private, nonprofit organization promoting access, equity and mutual understanding for linguistically and culturally diverse people around the world. 
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