Drop Off/Pick Up

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Morning Drop Off
Car Riders and Walkers
  • Students enter the building at the main entrance located on Tacoma Ave.
Bus Riders
  • Students enter the building through the north doors
Afternoon Pick Up - Rear of the Building
  • Enter the car line on the entrance on Andover Ave and pull all the way forward with traffic moving in one direction. 

  • We will be running a double line. 

  • Continue to move forward and through the lines once you have received your student. 

  • Be aware as you are moving forward that children and staff could be crossing in front of your car. 

Friendly Reminders:

  • Please refer to the map for further clarification. 

  • Have your number visible in your car. 

  • Practice the number with your student at home. 

  • Pull all the way forward even if you see your student. 

  • Safety is our number one priority.

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