Drop Off/Pick Up


We are asking for your patience and cooperation with the arrival and dismissal process at Helen Steiner Rice. We
want to ensure a safe arrival and departure from school. 

Please see the information below. We thank you for your calm demeanor to ensure a safe and positive arrival and dismissal experience.

ARRIVAL TO SCHOOL | This year, the car riders will arrive at school, entering the back of the building, off Andover Avenue, maintaining a single lane of traffic along the yellow curb. Your child can exit the vehicle anytime after 7:50 AM and enter school through the playground doors.
Please always remain in your vehicle. The arrival doors will lock at 8:15 AM. If you arrive after this time, please drive to the front of the school and, escort your child into the building, and check them into the office with the secretary.


CAR RIDER DISMISSAL | Please enter the car line at the entrance of Andover Avenue and pull all the way forward, with traffic moving in one direction. We will be running a double line. PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE Please wait for the motion from staff members to continue moving forward and through the lines until you have received your student. As you are moving forward, please be aware that children and staff could cross in front of your car. Students and families will be assigned a number. The number will be displayed for the staff outside to see hanging from your car's rearview mirror. The staff member will report what car number they see, and the student will be escorted to the
correct vehicle. It is important that your number is displayed and that your student is aware of their number. Carline numbers will remain the same as the previous school year. 

EARLY DISMISSAL | We are hopeful to cut back on the number of early dismissals this year. Please keep your child in school until 2:30 PM unless there is a specific need. All early dismissals must be completed by 2:15 PM daily. Only emergencies will be the exception.

PRESCHOOL PARENTS | Park on the Left/Grass side of the one-way driveway in the back of the building and escort your child to the preschool door. Dismissal will remain the same as in previous years.

BUS RIDERS | If you have any busing questions, please call the transportation department at 440-830-4047.

Thank you for your help and understanding in ensuring the safety of our children. If you have any questions,
please call 440-830-4160.

Mrs. Brockbank & Mrs. Ward
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