Family Office

Family Office

The Lorain City Schools (LCS) Family Office works to inspire and establish opportunities for the community to connect and contribute to joyous learning environments across Lorain in a cohesive and intentional way. The LCS Family Office also works to bring our community together and promote conversations that break down barriers and builds bridges. The LCS Family Office strives to embed the values of the district into day-to-day functions of the school and community, while creating engagement. The LCS Family Office endeavors to empower families to speak up for an excellent educational experience for their students, hold the community accountable to our district's vision and motivate educational equity in learning environments.

The LCS Family Office works to create mindsets in adults that ensures that there will be no student who is unable to reach their full potential because of the challenges they may face day-to-day.

Programs and events created and facilitated by the LCS Family Office ensure that our families are valued, our schools are cared for and the students that are a part of our Lorain lives are able to thrive.

LCS Family Office activities and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Defining, establishing and nurturing excellent community partnerships throughout the district
  • Creating a comprehensive approach towards community engagement
  • Redesign our district’s code of conduct to ensure equity amongst all 
  • Promote positive school and climate and lead student discipline processes
  • Research, discuss and implement a safety and security framework that ensures the well-being of students and staff

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