Extended School Closure (COVID-19)

@Home Lessons

Governor Mike DeWine announced that public schools in Ohio will temporarily close as a precautionary measure as COVID-19/Corona virus evolves.  Students will be provided hardcopies of @Home Lesson Packets to extend their learning before schools close.  
Below are links to the @Home Lessons PDFs for PreK-8th grade.  High School course information will be sent to students via their GoogleClassroom accounts.  

@Home Lessons (Blizzard Bags) 

Math    ELA 
First Grade 
Math     ELA 
Second Grade 
Math     ELA 
Third Grade
Math     ELA 
Fourth Grade
Math     ELA 
Fifth Grade 
Math     ELA 
Sixth Grade
Math     ELA 
Seventh Grade 
Eighth Grade 
Math     ELA 

Pre-K Activities

As an additional reference, please be aware there are educational technology resources available for student use.  To access these, using the Google Chrome browser, click here for ClassLink.  You can also access this directly by going to https://launchpad.classlink.com/loraincsd.  The username and password for this account is your student’s computer login, which they also use to access PowerSchool. For most students, their ClassLink username will be their grad year plus the first initial of their first name and their last name, e.g., 35privera. The password will always be the first initial of their first name plus the first initial of their last name and the last four digits of their student number, e.g., pr6789.

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