Dress Code

Relaxed dress code policy banner with three smiling students

The Lorain City Schools recognizes that each student's mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of personal style and individual preference. The following guidelines were created to relax the student dress code with the hope of lessening the financial burden on our families as they prepare for Back to School. Here's what you should know:

  • Students must wear clothing which includes a shirt and pants or skirt, or the equivalent (such as a dress), and shoes.
  • Shirts and dresses must have fabric on the front and sides.
  • Clothing must cover undergarments.
  • Fabric covering all private parts must not be see-through.
  • Hooded sweatshirts are permitted as long as hoods are not worn or do not cover the head.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times. For safety considerations, all footwear must be adequately secured to the foot.
  • Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities, including physical education, science labs, career tech courses, and other activities where unique hazards exist.
  • Specialized courses may require specialized attire, such as sports uniforms or safety gear.

  • Clothing may not depict, advertise or advocate the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other controlled substances.
  • Clothing may not depict pornography, nudity, or sexual acts.
  • Clothing may not use or depict hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or any other protected group.
  • Pajama pants, including pants made of flannel or fleece, are not allowed.
  • Undergarments are not to be exposed at any time while on school grounds.
  • Outerwear must cover underwear and undergarments at all times.
  • Spaghetti straps, halter tops, tube tops, or tank tops are not allowed.
  • Slippers, shoes with retractable skates, cleats, or footwear with flexible, soft soles (flip flops, beach shoes, etc.) are not permitted.
  • No headgear unless of a religious nature or approved by school officials.
  • Clothing must not threaten the health or safety of any other student or staff. 

If the student's attire or grooming threatens the health or safety of any other person, then discipline for dress or grooming violations should be consistent with discipline policies for similar violations.

Consequences for not adhering to these guidelines will be handled in accordance with the Lorain City Schools Code of Conduct's Level system. These guidelines are to be followed on all days when school is in session and for school-sponsored events where students are actively participating and/or representing Lorain City Schools. The school administration shall determine the appropriateness of student dress and grooming, acting in the best interests of establishing and maintaining a safe and effective learning environment for the benefit of the school. 

[Adoption date: December 9, 1991; Revised July 28, 2003; May 27, 2009; June 11, 2013; November 17, 2014; October 27, 2015; October 7, 2019; June 18, 2021]
LEGAL REFS.: ORC 3313.20, 3313.60, 3313.661, 3313.665, 3324.10
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