Community Resources for Families

Lorain County Community Resources

Thank you to our Social Workers for putting together this collection of resources for our families and community! Additional information, and support for your child and family can be accessed through their contacts below.

Markis BooneLorain High (Rod-Z)
Frank Jacinto Elementary
[email protected]

Amy DiTullio

Lorain High (A-E)
Southview Middle
[email protected]

Laura GoochLorain High (Mao-Roc)[email protected]
Karen Knerem

General Johnnie Wilson
Washington Elementary
Admiral King Elementary
[email protected]

Elisha Neely

Lorain High (F-Man)
Larkmoor Elementary
[email protected]

Alexandria Remy

Palm Elementary
Stevan Dohanos Elementary
Helen Steiner Rice Elementary
[email protected]

Erika Wuorinen

Hawthorne Elementary
Garfield Elementary
Longfellow Middle
[email protected]

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