HEY SENIORS! You've been through a lot this year -- you've masked up, backed up, and zoomed your way through your final year of high school. You deserve some good news: the Lorain City School District is treating you to a FREE PROM. 

Annual Parent Meetings for Federal Programming

Annual Parent Meetings for Federal Programming

Dear Parents,

We are sorry that we missed you at your school’s annual Title I Parent Meeting. Attached for your convenience is your school’s presentation, which explains the purpose of Title I and how this program can help your child and your family. We value your input and invite you to complete a Federal Program Parent Feedback Form to let us know how the Title I program can better support your child and ensure his/her success in school.  This form helps us determine how best to use Title I funding to design programs and services for students and families.  Please contact Rachel Tansey, Director of Federal Program at 440-830-4019 or [email protected] if you have questions or need more information.

Federal Programs Feedback Form English
Federal Programs Feedback Form Spanish

Rachel Tansey
Director of Federal Programs & Grants
Lorain City Schools
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