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Welcome to the Superintendent's Update
Preparing Students for College and Careers
It's college application month--an exciting and sometimes stressful time for both students and parents. Applying to college can seem overwhelming at first; with so many choices, it might be hard to know where to start. Luckily, there are some great resources out there to help students and families with this process. You can view some of those here. 
Graduation Guardians Begin their Charge

When we talk about the "Six Areas of Focus" within our Academic Recovery Plan, it's easy to see why graduation rate ranks high up on that list. Individuals who have earned their high school diploma have the opportunity to attend college, earn higher wages in their careers, benefit from better job opportunities, and enjoy a sense of pride that comes with achieving such an accomplishment. Who wouldn't want such things for our children?

Partnering for Progress in Lorain
In the classroom, we often stress the importance of collaboration with our students so that they will learn the value in coordinating the efforts of many to accomplish more than the efforts of one or a few in isolation. Those lessons can be some of the most exciting for our students, as they learn and grow exponentially together. The good news, is that that feeling of excitement over true collaboration doesn’t diminish as we become adults. 
How Should Our Elementary Buildings Be Configured Next Year?

Last year the district weighed the pros and cons of keeping our elementary buildings as they are, what many call “neighborhood schools.” Another idea was to move to the “cluster” concept, in which elementary schools that are close to one another are divided into PreK-2 and 3-5 buildings. Both building concepts hold merit, and there are many surrounding districts which feature an example of each model. Our task in the Lorain City Schools is to make the decision that makes the most sense for our own community.

Project Lead the Way Receives National Certification

This week we received the exciting news that Lorain High School’s Project Lead the Way (PLTW) pre-engineering program received national certification. And for those of us who have seen our PLTW students in action, this news comes as no surprise.

Lorain Schools Are Clear; We'll See Your Students On Monday
This week has been a tough one for all of us. Extensive media attention about bed bugs in the region has created more questions than answers, even though health authorities assure us that there has been no rise in bed bug activity in Ohio. Even so, students, parents, and staff members are concerned. It is my hope that the following information will be of help. 
Using the RtI Framework to Personalize Education for our Students
We've been incredibly focused on showing progress within our Academic Recovery Plan. But what it’s really about is doing all we can to ensure each of our students is provided with what he or she needs to learn. But how do we do that? 
Academic Recovery: Our Six Areas of Focus
One of the first questions I’m often asked — by parents, teachers, and community members — is what I’m seeing here in the Lorain City Schools. And my answer is simple: I’m seeing great things. In fact many of those great things you’ll read about in the news section of this weekly update, collected below. 
Let's Continue the Progress Together for LCS Students
September 21, 2015

This is the first edition of the LCS Superintendent's Update, a weekly eNewsletter bringing you the latest developments in your schools. And I'm hoping you can help.
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